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Rauch is a family business that started in the early 1900’s based in Austria. However this juggernaut of a company is far from being a small operation sometimes affiliated with family businesses. Today they are one of the biggest producers of fruit juices in Europe and have a collective range of there own soft drinks ranging from the famous apple drink to alternatives such as Grape and Peach flavours.

Not only is Rauch a powerhouse in the beverage market with their own brands but they are also a product filler for other companies due to their impressive operation. Companies such as Red Bull solely remain to this day being filled at Rauch.

Windelev had the privilege to be given the chance to turn Rauch’s iconic juice range into a new design format due to a forced packaging substrate change. With our High definition capabilities we managed to output the very best quality in the fruit elements to give the iconic yellow opaque background colour its definition needed to uphold its original historic look. A true honour to be part of this historic change that not only looks great but also allows Rauch and manufacturers to push further forward to drive sustainability with efficient and recyclable material.  


Print method: Dry offset – Plate Technology: Direct Laser Engraved Plates (DLE) – Substrate: Aluminium

Rauch yellow cans lined up