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We at Windelev are so proud to show our versatility with packaging design and this example showcases that in its entirety. During project launch of the Rani designs the vision of the customer was not fulfilled due to technical retraints in the colour separations. Fortunately Windelev were able to come on board and support by using our technology in the colour separations plus attending production runs to maximise the print quality the customer desired, plus ensuring the consistency was upheld throughout the whole design range across multiple manufacturing sites. Combining complex screens and vignettes with striking text elements and using opaque colour contrast to make use of the aluminium substrate really sets these designs a light. This particular customer is a strategic player in the beverage industry and we thoroughly enjoy our cooperation together to deliver outstanding results such as this!!

Rani have positioned themselves at the top of the consumer market in the middle east by using this iconic brand which is now the biggest selling fruit juice brand in the region.

Print method: Dry offset – Plate Technology: Direct Laser Engraved Plates (DLE) – Substrate: Aluminium

Rani cans lined up