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High Definition Technology

There is nothing more satisfying than having a blank canvas to work from and using your bespoke technology to create a master-piece.

Together with Ball Corporation Windelev used our bespoke dry offset HD technology to deliver outstanding design features that emphasise the possibilities with photo realistic 2-piece beverage cans. We are proud to call this technology our own and we want to share it with everybody so they can see the benefits of our work.

Using a combination of colour contrast, fine tonal work and very small details we can bring to the forefront our experience to take this design and make it stand out from the rest. This design was part of an added value range for Ball corporation so they could promote their services to customers and show versatility on 2-piece beverage cans.

Nothing is too big a challenge for us at Windelev and this design says it all. Being able to participate in the design process that ultimately benefits the reprographics stage this can then complement the print process to deliver an all- round outstanding result. We support at every step of the way with our fine team of experts who have a vast knowledge with colour separations and printing plates that marry together to deliver outstanding quality.

 Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries as we are up for the challenge and our technology is unrivalled. Ball took on the challenge and won.

Print method: Dry offset – Plate Technology: Direct Laser Engraved Plates (DLE) – Substrate: Aluminium

High definition can