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Originally a glass bottle product, this craft beer range has embraced their branding with the 360° canvas on the can.

First entering the beer market in the summer of 2018, the Bavarian Lager, Premium BRAUS and Amber Ale BRAUS launched in 50-centiliter glass bottles. Beer in cans grew 7% in Russia 2017-2018; and following the popularity of convenient and stylish aluminium cans in the Russian market, BRAUS adds to the 35% of new beer and cider launches in cans year to date.

Positioned as a ‘craft beer with a special taste and attitude’, Alcon searched for a refreshed identity and chose Ball Corporation to fulfil their needs that enabled us at Windelev to give them the leading HD technology we can bring to the can. The fine attention to detail reflects the personality of each flavour through the facial illustrations on the can. In partnership with Ball, ASGARD Branding Agency and AMA-LAB, the brand extended the appeal one step further by adding Augmented Reality (AR) technology, the first in the Russian market.

We are super proud to be a part of this design range and the results are out of this world!!

Print method: Dry offset – Plate Technology: Direct Laser Engraved Plates (DLE) – Substrate: Aluminium

Braus cans lined up