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In an everchanging market with demands to innovate more and more due to sustainability credentials the aluminium aerosol container has become a powerhouse in FMCG. The everyday item was always a commodity but now it has become some what of a collectable or more something to behold due to its uniqueness.

Due to its rigid stature the aerosol container has different properties that make the manufacturing process slower and more vigorous. We at Windelev can help advise and support the decoration and remove any concerns of an artwork becoming warped or distorted during the production process. We are able to advise and add certain advances to ensure artwork can be printed all the way into the neck area of a design where the most critical profiling takes place and the packaging is at its most striking to the consumer. Windelev have worked with numerous brands and manufacturers with different requirements and different products such as household goods to beauty products and we aim to fit their needs depending on the audience they are trying to attract.

Print method: Dry offset – Plate Technology: Direct Laser Engraved Plates (DLE) – Substrate: Aluminium

Aerosol container