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Windelev’s headoffice is located near the city center of Copenhagen. The international airport is only a 15 minutes’ drive from the office, making us well connected to our international customers.

 Address: Valhøjs Allé 167, DK-2610 Rødovre, Denmark
 Phone: +45 36 73 01 00

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History of Windelev A/S

The history of Jørgen Windelev A/S is just as much a story about the man Jørgen Windelev.

Jørgen Windelev founded the company more than 60 years ago – but retirement is not in his vocabulary. Over the years Jørgen Windelev has become synonymous with high quality in the dry offset world. Nowadays he spends less time at the office on a daily basis but he still gets involved in new exciting projects that benefit from his know-how.

In 1960, Jørgen Windelev was a young man. He had just finished his training as a Kemigraph (graphical chemist), and was ready to take on the world. However, Jørgen wanted more than a job; he wanted to be make an impact. As a young man, the only possible way he could do this was to start his own company, and at the age of 22 that is exactly what he did.

Jørgen’s drive for quality has led him and the company to become the world’s leading producer of prepress for dry offset. For some, quality comes from people, for others it is the product of machinery, but in reality, it is the combination that matters. Jørgen Windelev products are the best. Not only is the image quality superior to any other repro, but the engraving technology, invented by the company, also saves ink.

Customers appreciate the results – for example, all the major suppliers of cans today can be counted as clients. Of course, Jørgen Windelev is always looking to build their customer base, and fortunately things are developing. In 2014, Jørgen Windelev A/S increased staff by more than 20%, after having been awarded with the Gazelle Business excellence award, in order to deal with the significant growth of the past couple of years, and in anticipation of future business development.

Making the best better  Jørgen Windelev

At the same time, Jørgen also followed his other passion: road cycling!

This is an interest that has remained throughout the years. Jørgen Windelev also likes to travel and he does this frequently. Every year he participates in a bicycling race on Bali and, as you can see from the picture, he is in good shape. Travel and exercise has given Jørgen fantastic opportunities to meet people. It is one of the reasons why Jørgen Windelev is today represented in more than 50 countries.

Jørgen Windelev A/S has achieved much, but the appetite for growth has not diminished; in fact it continues to develop. Jørgen Windelev has a clear and well defined strategy for how to become bigger. This is simply stated but often hard to perform. However everyone at Jørgen Windelev are firm in the belief ‘Making the best better’ in order to push the boundaries.