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Jørgen Windelev A/S celebrates 60 Years anniversary!

Jørgen Windelev can celebrate no less than 60 years as a businessman and self-employed person in the graphic arts industry.

On October 14th. 2020, it is 60 years since the manufacturer and chemist Jørgen Windelev established an independent repro company, and opened the doors on Lindgreens Allé to his newly started company. Subsequently, the company Jørgen Windelev A/S was founded and it all moved to the current address on Valhøjs Allé in Rødovre.

From the very beginning, the company has specialized in the production of repro and printing plates for both the graphic industry, the packaging industry and the label and flexo industry. At the beginning of the period, Windelev serviced the various industries with cast rubber and metal clichés that were used for printing posters, flour sacks, labels, plastic and paper bags and similar products.

Where previously it was primarily the craftsmen who ran the company, today the company is an advanced, high-tech and automated company that has developed and implemented the use of laser technology and robot technology in production together with the high craftsmanship quality. In the last 25-30 years Jørgen Windelev has made courageous business and strategic decisions and launched many technological development projects, and in 2014 Windelev was recognized with the Gazelle Award by the daily business journal ‘Børsen’ for its succesful efforts in the industry. As a first mover the company developed a new raster technology, implemented the use of laser technology, developed digital colour proofing for aluminum cans and build a robotic prototype for the production of extremely accurate registration holes.

Jørgen Windelev A/S has managed to be the leading specialist in the world market for high-quality repro and printing plates for the packaging industry as well as the plastic and aluminum printing industry. Windelev’s printing plates are used to make such diverse products as yoghurt cups, beer and soda cans, plastic tubes and buckets. The company has always been far ahead of its time in terms of quality and technological advances, with strong international cooperations with printing machine manufacturers and customers, spread across all continents and from more than 55 countries. A close collaboration with manufacturers and brand owners in the beer and soda can industry, where Windelev’s customers produce approx. 70% of all cans on the world market testify to the international recognition.

Jørgen Windelev turned 80 last year and is passionately involved on a daily basis in the strategic, board and management work. The management of the company is handled by CEO Anders Aistrup, supplemented by sales and commercial director Richard Bunney. Jørgen Windelev personally participates all over the world in the work with customer visit, representation and consulting assignments, where his life and business experience, knowledge and being able to oversee complicated processes makes a different.

Jørgen pursues many other interests such as cycling, winter swimming, jogging, sports in general, travel, and he is a distinct gourmet who loves good wine and is very gastronomically interested. Jørgen Windelev was a professional cyclist in Spain for 3 years before he established the company, and has been one of the few in Denmark to run and complete the Hermitage Race for the first 50 years in a row. He rides every year in the bicycle race around Bali, which is 410 km long and is completed in 2 days – and as a winter swimmer in Skodsborg Vikingelaug, he is in the waves every morning before the trip to the office.

A big congratulations to Jørgen Windelev with this unbelievable achievement.
Here’s to another 60 years!

October 14th 2020