The devil is in the detail

Maybe you look at a container or a two-piece can the same way we do? Maybe you just use a container for your product? Maybe you compare the design to other products in your market place? Maybe you even buy your dry offset repro from someone who claims to be the best?

Jørgen Windelev A/S has been in the business for more than 50 years – just imagine what has happened during that period. 50 years ago most designs were simple with few colors. Whether the product was sold in batches or individually, competition was limited.

Today the packaging market is tremendously diverse, and presenting high profile packaging can be a matter of survival. Packaging is not just a matter of getting the product safe from production to consumer. It is a part of the marketing and selling of a product, and even of the brand and values associated with it.

Jørgen Windelev A/S has the best repro in the global market. We have invented technology to help you achieve your business objectives. We deliver repro that enables you to produce products that will stand out from the crowd. Your products will be more attractive to consumers and sell better.

The phrase ‘the devil is in the detail’ is our way of emphasizing the importance of making the right choice when selecting a business partner with the right technology for the job.

Today Jørgen Windelev A/S serves major producers in more than 50 countries, and we have a well deserved reputation for being the best. We are sure we can help your business improve, in quality, revenue and profitability.

An outstanding prepress quality...
Added value to the final product.

More than 50 years of Know-How and Experience

Jørgen Windelev A/S has developed its knowledge of reproduction for dry offset over a period of 50 years through cooperation with leading printing machine manufacturers and 2 piece can producers.

After years of experiments and trials, we have developed our own patented techniques that allows for printing of photographic images in dry offset. Imagine printing up to 2000 cans per minute in High Quality, near photo-quality finish on metal substrates. Our unique concept for dry offset technique produces an excellent level of quality, fully in line with more expensive printing methods. Jørgen Windelev A/S is the only supplier in the world of this unique dry offset technique. We now export our DLE – Direct Laser Engraving – plates to 55 countries.

Jørgen Windlev A/S´s approach is to work closely with printers and manufacturers. In order to guarantee the best results and highest consistency in quality, we take an active role in the setup and tuning of printing machines. Our procedure involves a combination of high-level craftsmanship with modern printing technology and innovation. Since our approach is unique, we are proud to call it: “The Windelev Studio Dry Offset Concept”

Highly skilled graphic designers with an eye for the detail
Added value to the final product.

Best on market
Since the company was founded by Jørgen Windelev in 1955, when the first steps of the techniques were developed, it has always been considered the core business to constantly develop and refine the concept in order to hold the position as the best on the international market for supplying know-how when it comes to HQID Prepress artwork for the dry-offset industry.

Highly skilled graphic designers with an eye for the detail
The end result depends on the right tools and the best qualified employees to handle the tools. We have both at Jørgen Windelev A/S.
The employees’ ability to colourseparate both text areas and detailed images makes all the difference between the decent result and our results – which are clearly brighter and strikingly rich in details.
Colour separation, colour management and graphic art work in combination with state of the art software and our unique laser engraving technique provides in short an outstanding result that our customers benefit from.

Becoming a skilled prepress process graphics takes time, and requires constant development and training to maintain the high level. Many of our employees have been with us for many years. This provides a huge advantage for our customers. By cementing the close working relationship between employees and customers, our customers benefit by receiving a high level of service and stable and reliable product quality, even when working towards tight deadlines.

Enhanced visual appearance
Windelev Dry Offset

The ultimate result
What makes our products better than other suppliers is the final result. The output our customers get from our repro is simply more alive, with better color density and vivid images than anything our competitors can produce. Today’s packaging is not just a matter of getting things safely from A to B, but is also an integral part of ensuring image and texture, leading to higher sales. The competition is tough, but with Jørgen Windelev A/S as your partner – your customers and their products will have a significantly greater chance of achieving a good market position.

Proofing is an essential part of the process...
Windelev Dry Offset

Digital Contract Proof
With our Contract Proof system you get a color consistent proof of the end result, so you can easily balance the expectations of the proof to the finished job. The proofs are printed re-productions, performed with our finely calibrated large-format printers.
We offer print on both transparent-, ALU- and White-background.

Accuracy better than 2/100 of a mm...
Windelev Dry Offset

Punch system – shorter down period – shortens your set-up time
To ensure a quick setup time on your screen machines we have invented and built an automatic punching system, which gives you 100% register. All your printing machine settings and pin/hole details are stored in our IT workflow. This gives you perfect fit again and again from job to job. Our punch system is the only system that will ensure this record. Producing printing plates using the Windelev Studio Dry Offset Concept and having precise holes made by us, will shorten your set-up time. It also has an accuracy of better than 2/100 of a mm. This gives you a shorter down period.

The right clichés / plates - an extremely important aspect
Windelev Dry Offset

Our customers benefit from a short down period at the printing lines
Today Jørgen Windelev A/S has two Laser Engraving Units, ensuring zero down-time, and the ability to perform a rapid and efficient production. Alongside the knowledge we gained from being first adopters of laser technology, we have expanded our expertise and developed our own laser engraving capabilities. We are able to get more out of this amazing technology than our competitors. Laser engraving is of course dependent on a superior prepress. We are confident that we have the best team of experts that produces not only the highest quality prepress, but also the best quality plates required for the process.

Best Materials
In any flexo or dry offset process, the cliché is an extremely important aspect. Jørgen Windelev studio is able to achieve better quality, no matter what is used for reproduction. When we produce plates for our customers their results depends on our ability to align to our customers’ expectations, and we use only the best materials available.

When the printing plates are finished, they will be sent out via a global logistics company, to ensure a quick, and reliable delivery worldwide.

Are you in the process of launching a new product
Perhaps at a pricey location - Pay-4-Space

The design and print quality of your packaging play a role to generate higher sales.
Are you launching a new product, then give it that extra sharp look it deserves in order to catch the eyes of the consumers. This can be essential for the success, especially if you are launching the product at an expensive Pay-4-Space area at the stores and shopping centers.

Packaging containers for such products as e.g. cosmetics, food, juices and beverages, paint, cleaning utilities – in all aluminium cans and plastic cups and buckets.
Regardless of what you produce – from cosmetics, dairy products, paint, cleaning products to beverages like juice, soda even wine or beer – the design and print quality of your packaging play a role in generating higher sales. In some categories, as much as 80% of all purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.

Minimizing the color contamination
Windelev Dry Offset

Did you know that when you are using our printing plates it saves you up to 25% ink?

Jørgen Windelev A/S has invented and continuously further developed and refined a unique product to enable printing of complex High Quality Illustrated Designs – HQID – work on aluminum cans, plastic cups, tubes, buckets and other packaging containers for the consumer market. This quality print will make your product stand out from the crowd!

The idea originally sprung from the need to solve the problem of contamination at the decorator and ink station for 2 piece can printing and at the printing machine for tubes, cups and buckets. That became a succes immediately.

To ensure the technology always provides the latest available functionalities and meets the customers expectations, the major packaging manufacturers have always been consulted when developing new processes or techniques. This is why some of the largest manufacturers in the market for dry offset printing on cans and containers are both regarded as customers and partners/collegues.