Windelev making the best better – ourselves as well

At Windelev the new board of directors are stepping up things in general and commercial management for the benefit of our existing and potentially new customers.


New Managing Director

We are proud to announce that Anders Aistrup will join Jørgen Windelev A/S as our new Managing Director as of 1st. of August 2019. Anders is a graphics and business professional with a long professional background in the global packaging industry for consumer goods serving global brand owners.
Most recently Anders has, based out of the UK, held a position as European Graphics Manager at Ball Corporation, a global player in the aluminium beverage can industry.

Anders graduated as a Graphic Artist from Copenhagen Technical College and completed external management educations at Copenhagen Business College. Today, Anders holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School, determined to continue a diploma degree.

Anders is a 35 years old Dane and knows Windelev very well. He joined Windelev in 2006 and continued his career development in graphics and management with us in the following 10 years. He played an influential part in growing the business while gaining valuable operational, commercial and management experience within dry offset reproduction, production and sales, which later paved the way for his further management career within Ball Corporation. Anders will now take on the general management responsibility for our company and our customers.




Windelev is investing for the future of our customers

We are pleased that Windelev’s annual report 2018 has proven our ability to grow both revenue and earnings, thus being able to invest for future customer innovations. During 2018 we have achieved a large upgraded machinery.

Through targeted investments Windelev today operates three fully upgraded laser engraving machines, two CDI machines, one being the newest model. We have a new automatic cliché washer, and a semiautomatic punching machine. Furthermore, we have installed a self-developed robot to enhance productivity and punching precision. Finally, we have implemented self-developed systems for lean production processes and digital quality control.

With these upgrades and expanded capacity Windelev can deliver on even the most demanding customer requirements, always within short lead times.

New Sales & Commercial Director

We are also proud to announce that Richard Bunney will join Jørgen Windelev A/S as our new Sales & Commercial Director as of 1st. of August 2019. Richard is a 33 years old Briton and holds a National BTEC Diploma with distinction in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management from New College Nottingham.

Richard started his career in INX International Ink Co, where he gained valuable technical experience within Ink & Colour Management, dry offset printing and problem solving on the production line.

Richard has a strong business and customer facing background in the global packaging industry for consumer goods, managing high profile FMCG brands such as Coke, Carlsberg, Heineken, Red Bull, SAB Miller and AB Inbev, to help them deliver high quality packaging to the mass market. He has 7 years of graphics senior management experience with Ball Corporation, most recently holding the position as European Head of Graphics for Europe & Russia.

Richard has a proven track record of supporting clients across Europe, to bring their brand visions to life and create innovative packaging solutions that go above and beyond the client’s expectations, whilst upholding their brand standards. Richard is now ready to continue his career with us. His focus at Windelev will be to excel our service to current customers as well as growing our footprint with new customers around the globe.


Windelev going forward

We are dedicated to improve our customers’ profitability through innovation, efficient lead times, reliable colour management and ultimate photo-realistic quality using our cutting-edge reproduction technology. Thus, our efforts to make the world’s brands stand out will continue at high pace. Once onboarded, the new executive management will together with the board of directors develop and implement a strategy for future customer innovation and further expansion of Windelev’s global footprint.

New Board of Directors to direct further customer focus

Furthermore, Windelev appointed a new board of directors and chairman at the general assembly 21 st. of March 2019. The board now comprises strong general and commercial management as well as technical management experience.

Windelev’s new Chairman, Mads Middelboe, is a full-time Board Professional with more than 30 years of operational and board leadership experience within fast moving consumer goods and telecom among others, both private equity, family and owner led companies. Our other board members are Jørgen A. Schmidt, who has an engineering background with management and owner experience in heat recovering and environmental savings. Last, but not least, our founder Jørgen Windelev, who next year can celebrate Windelev’s 60 years anniversary.

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